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Approximately five percent of individuals who hold the position of CEO in a Fortune 500 company are female, with only four percent of the total representing a visible minority (Catalyst, 2016). This large disparity in race and gender roles is an issue at the forefront of business, and affects more than simply Fortune 500’s. 15.1% of businesses in the U.S. are minority-owned (Entrepreneur, 2016), almost all of which are small businesses. From entrepreneurialism to top level positions, diversity in leadership at present is misrepresentative of the population, and has become a key conversation in the business world.


This conference addresses the issues behind diversity in leadership roles, by holding critical debates and discussions, and promoting the dissemination of critical knowledge we aim to also talk about diversity in leadership styles and the positives impacts of diversity. 

Conference Program

Program Highlights

Exploring Leadership Perspectives and Theories

Moderated by: Catherine Loughlin

Communities and Global Perspectives

Moderated by: Wendy Carroll

Challenging What Influences Leadership and Success

Moderated by: Thomas Mengel

Exploring Diversity in Our Teaching and Education Programs

Moderated by: Vurain Tabvuma

Workshop: Entering into Dialogue - Bridging to a Pool of Knowledge/Diversity Through the Expressive Art Experience

Premier Film Screening: Why Women Need to Climb Mountains

 Post-movie "fishbowl" discussion to be facilitated by Dr. Kent Williams (Management), including participation from Renata Keller (Berlin Film Producer), Joyce Thompson (Senior Librarian, SMU), Jeff Overmars (Engage Nova Scotia), Haley Gavin (SMU 2017 Commerce Graduate), Boyce Campbell (SMU Indigenous student), and Mohammed AlJamaei (SMU international student).

This event is now over. Thanks to everyone who attended!

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